Welcome back everyone. We have a packed show for you this week starting with a card game on kickstarter that was found during a Freedom of Information act and was designed by a CIA analyst. Here’s the link for the kickstarter if you want more information. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mmasnick/cia-collect-it-all/description
After that we quickly talk about the Detroit Become Human demo, God of War, and talks of a Sprint/T-Mobile merger that sound even more serious than last time. After all of that, we finally get to Avengers: Infinity War. We do our best to tell you all of our thoughts about the movie without giving any spoilers. We may not have been able to tell you everything we thought about the movie, but we do manage to avoid any spoilers.
To wrap up the show we continue with our journey through our video game history. This week we go through the Wii/Xbox360/PS3 generation. 30 minutes is not enough time to fully unpack everything we liked about this generation and how we both ended up with Xbox 360 as our main console by the end of this generation.

Thank you for watching, time stamps are below.

CIA card game – 00:36
Detroit Become Human – 04:39
God of War – 11:57
Sprint / TMobile merger ??? – 23:12
Avengers – 27:45
video game history part 3 – 46:48

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